Defense dans la Rue Modern

Today Defense dans la Rue enthusiats have at their disposal a traditional syllabus that is both comprehensive and time tested. If studied properly this very syllabus will eventually yield a disciplined understanding of the rational that governs both its physical movements and strategies.

Gathering additional techniques, in order to add to the already established skill sets, is considered counter productive. Instead focusing on the substantive skills and their tactical applications for real world utility is a primary training goal in Defense dans la Rue.

Defense dans la Rue is something that must be learnt and practised or its skills become academic and useless. Its material is not intended to be interpreted nor presented as an anitiquated reproduction bearing minimal  relevance for the contemporary self defense advocate.

Rather than turn their back on the past modern practitioners study the wealth of historical combat knowledge as validated by our Western forefathers. It’s this knowledge that can provide valuable insight into the future of Defense dans la Rue.

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