La Boxe Pratique by Julien Leclerc


During the early 1900s Julien Leclerc wrote an important treatise on French boxing according to the principles and techniques of his teacher Charles Lecour. The book, entitled –“La Boxe Pratique Offensive et Defensive Conseils Pour Le Combat Dans La Rue”, covered the practical application of both offensive and defensive techniques from both la boxe Anglaise (English boxing) and la boxe Française (French boxing). Leclerc’s detailed manual would become the creative influence for the stand-up striking skills that comprise Defense dans la Rue.


Close to two hundred training exercises are included within Julien Leclerc’s manual. These exercises are designed to be practised with a professor or fellow student and include, amongst other things –

Attacks and parries

Parry and riposte


Evasion and stop stops

Being close to a barrier

Exercises from the false guard

Evasion and stop hits from the false guard

Exercises to get clear when one is against a barrier

Exercises of parries against kicks

Parry and riposte against punches

Riposte against the coup de pied bas and the chasse bas

Parry and riposte against high kicks

Stop hits against a step forward

Stop hits against the coup de pied bas

Leg captures

Means of defending oneself against the leg catch


During 1899 in the “Almanach des sports” J.Joseph-Renaud wrote about the Leclerc’s and their method of French boxing and la canne-

“In fencing we have the foil and the epee. The foillists are primarily attached to being brilliant, the epeeist, to being practical. The Leclerc’s are the epeeists of boxing. Above all they put their students in a state of readiness for street fighting their art is an art of defense and not an academic style. Above all they teach strokes hat are fast and dangerous, in a very short time they provide a means in which an inexperienced man can stand up to a much stronger man”


“Their method is composed of English boxing and the hardest kicks of old “savate”. Any feint, any attack, and parry that are not possible in a serious matter are vigorously excluded. Trained in actual combat, knowing how to hit directly with strength, they are difficult adversaries, pre they do not come across the night robbers. In “la canne” they teach only the same practical principles”.

The Defense dans la Rue home page is proud to present a link to the on-line copy of Julien Leclerc’s -“La Boxe Pratique Offensive & Defensive Conseils Le Combat Dans La Rue”


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