Taro Miyake At Maitrot’s Academy

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        By Roman  Hliva   Copyright 2011

This short, but interesting, announcement was published in the French newspaper- “La Prese”-5th January 1914:

“MIYAKE AT MAITROT.  The new school of physical culture installed by Emile Maitrot in the centre of Paris, Rue Vivienne 51, between the Bourse and the great boulevards, has rooms well lit and ventilated, maybe the best equipped of all schools of physical culture in Paris. Today’s simple announcement- the world champion of jiu-jitsu, Taro Miyake, a master of the mysterious science, has just returned as professor of Jiu-jitsu at Maitrot’s Academy of physical culture. So this will make a new sensation in the Parisian sporting world.”

Taro Miyake- was a Yoshin Ryu Jiu –jitsuka and the first Japanese to be based long term in France in order to teach Jiu-jitsu. In 1905 he was a teacher at Ernest Regnier’s Jiu-jitsu school  “ l’ Ecole Japonaise de Jiu-jitsu” and shortly before the outbreak of the Great War he taught at Maitrot’s “l’ Academie de culture physique Maitrot”. Miyake was also renowned as a professional wrestler.

Emile Maitrot- was a Defense dans la Rue representative and very gifted all- around sportsman, who won the title of amateur world champion of cycling. Maitrot was also active as a professor of  boxing , referee and promoter . He died in 1916 during the cruel Battle of Somme and was decorated with the “La Legion d’ Honner”. As a Defense dans la Rue instructor Maitrot wrote the very practical self-defence manual “Les Sports de Defense”.

Taro Miyake

Miyake’s Jiu-jitsu lesson at Maitrot’s Academy

Maitrot ( in the suit) and Miyake (under him) with instructors and students of Maitrot’s Academy

Training at Maitrot’s Academy where physical culture and “les sports de defense”,  boxing,  lutte and Jiu-jitsu were practised

Miyake, Kanaya and Ernest Regnier ( Re- Nie) at the group photo of Regnier’s Jiu-jitsi school in Paris, Rue de Ponthie 55

Maitrot with his wife, Georges Carpentier and other French boxers


Emile Maitrot-“ Les Sports de Defense” , edition Nilsson ( 1930)

Various articles published in French newspapers “La Presse”


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