La tactique dans la Rue

Taken from the manual “Defense dans la Rue”  by Renaud 1912 , this chapter covers  tactics for the street . Renaud touches on pre emptive attacks from passive guards , verbal manipulation along with ruses to set up attacks.

La tactique dans la rue / Tactics for the street

We have made a review of the various defensive sports in the strict and realistic point of view of real ( street) combat with non “courteous weapons” as it generally happens in modern life conditions.

We have seen that there are some strikes and throws that are preferable to work because they are more practical than others. We have taken into account the way we must train the French and English boxing systems if we wish less to shine in the ring and more to be able to defend ourselves against any adversary in the street.

We have made a serious study of Jiu-Jitsu. We have studied the knife, the revolver, in attack and defense.

Now we are going to study the general strategy that is convenient for real combat and the special processes that are part of it.

To use an expression from fencing- until now we have trained in the salle , now we are going to practise on the field.

Hit First Without Warning

This is a great tactic for real combat.

When training assaut ( sparring) in the salle with big padded gloves and light shoes, or Jiu- Jitsu on padded mats the first hit or the first throw in assuat does not have a vital impact.

We can , after receiving the first punch, kick or lock return ten of the same to the opponent.

On the pavement , the first strike is decisive. If it doesn’t end the battle, it allows, in any case, one to deliver additional strikes that will assure you the advantage. Its about not receiving it and more about giving it.

I know that an average trained sportsman can cope without damage most of the blows that an ‘ordinary’ adversary from the street will deliver , because , this type is ignorant and never hits very hard.

But ‘you never know’ the aggresseur might have a weapon in the hand , or be very  muscular, or himself practised some boxing.

No! we must not be touched. It would not be worth training in the boxing and Jiu-Jitsu salles, to be  prepared, only to find we could not escape real combat without being damaged.

Feints for the street

In the gym we feint to one area and strike another.

In the street  a straight hit is generally enough. But if circumstances require a feint , its necessary to ‘replace’ the ordinary feint with ‘words’ and ‘movements’ that distract the attention of the adversary.

For example, in the street a large rude man gives you a hard time and it becomes necessary to use some gesture … with the most humble and sweet tone , hands a little bit apart and innocently open, tell him something like ” Sir leave me alone please… I am not saying anything” .  Or use also ” Sir be careful watch the window” or pointing to the right in order to distract him say- “look at that, over there” this will catch him of guard. Straight away with all your strength deliver a hook to the tip of his jaw.

The combat will be finished in a clean and neat way without any torn cloths, ‘without going to the ground’, without a small bruise received.

Further more a blow delivered like this ,by surprise, will arrive absolutely in full , there will be no instinctive drawing back of his head that would reduce the power.

Don’t be naive to announce to the adversary , as is instinctive, that ” if he continues ” you will break his face! No , hit by surprise with all your weight and with all your muscles as you would do against a mannequin( punching dummy). And do this while distracting the adversary’s attention.


Some will  object that I recommend to fight the way that the Apaches ordinarily do, that I recommend to attack like a “traitor’ etc .

Are you having a duel and notifying the adversary the place you are going to hit him? On the contrary you fake , for example to the abdomen and instead of studying where your opponent is waiting , you thrust / shoot at his throat.

Some are answering me – Yes , but you don’t attack before the fight director (referee) has said ” Start gentlemen” .

In the street there is no fight director, you wouldn’t and shouldn’t wait for a command.

One of my friends , a very short man, physically weak ,but very combative was assaulted in the country by an enormous farmer. This was happening at the corner of a road and no one was standing nearby. Despite that the gentleman was not completely ignorant of boxing , he couldn’t hope to contain the assault from this colossal thug.

As the thug was running towards him yelling what he was going to do to him ,my friend had the good idea to say ” We’re going to see, I’ll just take make jacket off” making a gesture to really take it off . This stopped the giant for a second and my friend, without taking his jacket of , used this surprise to instantly deliver a kick with the point of the boot to the groin of the farmer–  that put him in hospital for eight days.

Will there be some sensible men who oppose this process?

Combat in the street has no rules. The apaches have none, why would we have some??

In the next installment of “la tactique dans la Rue”  Renaud covers the dangers of warning the adversary of your intentions , police arrests, methods of the Apaches, attacks at night , biting, clothing restraint’s and combat on stairs.